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DenizBank Bahreyn

DenizBank Bahrain Branch initiated on 20.07.2002 with an off-shore banking licence from the Central Bank of Bahrain and began banking transactions on 27.09.2002. Since 24.04.2007, the Branch carries on wholesale banking business with "Wholesale Banking License" from the Central Bank of Bahrain dated 24.04.2007.

  • Services we offer
    • Loans
    • Deposits (Minimum deposit amount is USD 200.000 or equivalent)
    • Derivative transactions (forwards, options, futures, swaps, fx)
    • Trade Finance (international payments, import/export LCs, LGs)
  • Correspondent Banks
    • USD: Bank of New York,New York (SWIFT BIC: IRVTUS3N)
    • EUR: Unicredit Bank AG Münich formerly Bayerische Hypovereinsbank AG) (SWIFT BIC: HYVEDEMM)
    • Denizbank A.Ş. Bahreyn BranchSWIFT BIC: DENIBHBX
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